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    We at Max and Millie believe it is important that our customers can use high-quality products that can make their lives more pleasant. We have a wide range of lifestyle products to choose from. As a company, we also think it's important to be environmentally friendly, we reuse packaging material from our suppliers and use it to package our customers' products. In addition, we have quite a few products in our range that are made from sustainable materials. When buying these products, you also contribute to a better environment.

    Our company details

    Max & Millie
    Singto bv
    Breeërweg 32
    3950 Bocholt

    VAT number: BE0691735110
    Company registration no.: 0691.735.110
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: +32 (0)496 85 17 42
    Bank account: BE70 0689 3518 6525

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